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Recipes of a Lifetime but with a modern touch.

★ Gourmet cheese and Iberian ham board image

★ Gourmet cheese and Iberian ham board

Traditional Spanish dish, consisting of 50 grams of 100% acorn-fed ham and a mix of the best Spanish cheeses

25 €

Cheese board image

Cheese board

Gourmet cheese board accompanied by nuts and tomato jam (ask to the waiter for the cheese of the day)

Board for two people

9,90 €

Board for four people

15,90 €

 Russian salad  image

Russian salad

Russian salad made with potato, carrot, tuna, egg,
crab legs, black olives and mayonnaise foam. (Gluten Free can be requested)


6,80 €


4,10 €

Bravas Potato image

Bravas Potato

Dice of French fries covered with foam of our brava sauce with Itotoragatsy powder (hot sauce).


6,80 €


4,10 €

Chicken naggetss image

Chicken naggetss

Chicken naggetss with honey mustard sauce


7,9 €


6,5 €

Shrimp lollipop image

Shrimp lollipop

Fried prawn lollipops made with breadcrumbs accompanied by sweet chilli

Ración ( 4 Unidades )

7,40 €

Tapa ( 2 Unidades )

4,40 €

Camembert cheese image

Camembert cheese

Fried Camembert cheese accompanied by tomato chutney


8,30 €


5,50 €

★ fresh Artichokes on the barbecue  image

★ fresh Artichokes on the barbecue

Fresh Artichokes on the barbecue with quail eggs and bacon shavings (2 UNITS) (vegetarian option)

8,20 €

Pork crackling image

Pork crackling

Pork crackling accompanied by chillies and lime.

8,90 €

Black pudding brownie image

Black pudding brownie

Grilled caramelized apple, black pudding timbale, manchego cheese ice cream and mozzarella cheese scold

8,30 €

Spanish bread and toast image

Spanish bread and toast


0,95 €


1,20 €


Delicious tapas from the Andalusian region, made with the touch of Zabor Fetén

★ Spanish anchovy image

★ Spanish anchovy

Anchovies 0.0. and crusty bread with Zalmorejo, Fetén experience for anchovy lovers.

10,50 €

Traditional Cordoba dish (Flamenquin) image

Traditional Cordoba dish (Flamenquin)

Traditional Cordoba dish, fried pork fillet with ham, red pepper and cheese, placed on a bed of potatoes.

7,90 €

Grilled asparagus image

Grilled asparagus

Grilled asparagus wrapped in bacon with gratin goat cheese.

Ración ( 4 unidades )

10,50 €

Tapa ( 2 unidades )

5,80 €

Spicy Spanish black pudding image

Spicy Spanish black pudding

Spicy Spanish black pudding with toasts (from Fuente obejuna, Córdoba).

Ración ( 4 unidades )

6,80 €

Tapa ( 2 unidades )

4,20 €

Croquettes image


You can choose between the following options:
Oxtail croquettes,
Piggy and apple croquettes,
Spinach Croquettes and Ham Croquettes.

Ración ( 5 unidades )

7,70 €

Tapa ( 2 unidades) acompañadas de batata

3,70 €

Croquettes Mix image

Croquettes Mix

Croquettes Mix, two croquettes of each of our flavors, six units in total.

7,90 €

    ¡ SALADS !

Enjoy our fresh salads

Chicken salad image

Chicken salad

Chicken, goat cheese, nut cocktail with honey and mustard dressing

10,80 €

Prawns Salad image

Prawns Salad

Salad with fresh vegetables, tomato, breaded prawns, goat cheese, pumpkin seeds with honey and mustard dressing.

10,80 €

Cutted Tomato with Ventresca image

Cutted Tomato with Ventresca

Cutted Tomato with Ventresca, garlic and olive oil

10,20 €

Sin gluten
Salmon salad image

Salmon salad

Smoked salmon ,lettuce mix, apple, avocado and Fetén vinegar with special vinegar

13,10 €

Sin gluten
Red Tuna Salad image

Red Tuna Salad

Red tuna salad with avocado, Manchego cheese, walnuts, wakame seaweed and cherry tomato.

13,10 €

Sin gluten
    ¡ SEE FOOD !

Our fresh fish grilled and with the best accompaniments.

★ Octupus image

★ Octupus

Octopus with potatoes, cream of sweet potato

17,90 €

Salmon image


grilled with French fries and wild asparagus

18,20 €

Sin gluten
Tuna taquito  image

Tuna taquito

Tuna cut macerated with siracha mayo, on a corn taquito and guacamole, acompanied by wakame

5,8 €

Sin gluten
Golden Fish image

Golden Fish

Golden Fish with wild asparagus, cherry tomatoes and potatoes, accompanied by sweet potato sauce with honey and green sauce (olive oil, garlic and parsley)

15,5 €

Fried cod  image

Fried cod

fried cod with alioli

Tapa (4 pieces)

7,3 €

Ración (6 pieces)

10,5 €

Calamari on brioche bread  image

Calamari on brioche bread

Calamari on brioche bread with siracha
sauce accompanied by Yuca (two pieces)

8,20 €


One hundred percent fresh meats, with the best accompaniments.

Grilled chimichurri chicken image

Grilled chimichurri chicken

Chicken Churrasquito with chimichurri Sauce, accompanied with French fries

15,90 €

★ Iberian Pluma image

★ Iberian Pluma

Iberian pork cut with potatoes, padron peppers and bacon coated asparagus

19,90 €

Sirloin steak image

Sirloin steak

Beef sirloin (approximately 250 grams) with French fries and seasonal vegetables.

23,5 €

Pulled pork taquito image

Pulled pork taquito

Two Corn taquito, guacamole bed, shredded pork with barbecue sauce, pico de gallo (mix of vegetables) and lime

7,50 €

Mini lamb hot dog image

Mini lamb hot dog

Mini hot dog with lamb sausage, pico de gallo (Mexican mix of purple onion, red and green pepper, and
coriander), kimchi mayonnaise, accompanied by fried yucca.

4,80 €

Patacón (caribian dish) image

Patacón (caribian dish)

Shredded pork made with a tomato sauce, three cheese sauce and guacamole on a fried green plantain (two units), vegetarian or vegan can be requested.

6,50 €


The best mini Burgers, made with fresh meats and with the best mixes.

Mini Chicken Burger image

Mini Chicken Burger

Mini Chicken Burger with goat cheese and caramelized onion, accompanied by fried sweet potato

4,80 €

Mini beef Burger image

Mini beef Burger

Beef, goat cheese and caramelized onion accompanied by fried sweet potato.

4,80 €

Mini Mexican Burger  image

Mini Mexican Burger

Mini Mexican Burger with beef, guacamole, chipotle sauce and caramelized onion, accompanied by fried sweet potato.

4,80 €

Mini Black Pudi image

Mini Black Pudi

Delicious black puding burger with caramelized onion and Manchego cheese, accompanied by fried sweet

4,80 €

★ Mini Tuna Burguer  image

★ Mini Tuna Burguer

Mini red tuna burger (made with squid ink), lettuce, red tuna loin (little done), caramelized onion, Kimchi mayonnaise and accompanied by fried sweet potato.

5,10 €

Mini Vegetarian Burguer  image

Mini Vegetarian Burguer

4,80 €


vegetarian dishes

★ Vegetarian Burger image

★ Vegetarian Burger

Burger de Paty Vegetariana, queso de cabra, pimiento del piquillo, cebolla caramelizada y huevo de codorniz, acompañada de batata fritas

4,80 €

Spinach Croquettes image

Spinach Croquettes

Delicious homemade spinach croquettes with goat cheese.

Ración ( 5 unidades )

7,70 €

Tapa ( 2 unidades ) con batatas fritas.

3,70 €

Asparagus image


Grilled wild asparagus with gratin goat cheese.


9,50 €


5,50 €


Delicious homemade desserts.

Cheesecake image


5,50 €

Death By Chocolate image

Death By Chocolate

5,50 €

Brownie image


5,50 €

Torrija (Spanish dessert) image

Torrija (Spanish dessert)

5,50 €

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