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September continues to advance, and summer begins to glimpse its end, the children go back to school and some of our customers to their place of origin, after enjoying the beach, the sun, Torremolinos and Zabor Fetén.

On hot days, at lunchtime, many have found a shade to sit in and a sangria to cool off with while enjoying a salad and tapas or a good Malaga fish with a touch of Zabor Fetén. Many others could not understand their vacations without being on our terrace with one of our cocktails; mojitos, margaritas, and piña coladas were mixed between accents from all over the world that came together under a colorful fan.

And what can we say about the nights? Only those who have lived them could imagine them. That feeling of taking a shower and going out for a cool dinner at Zabor Fetén is PRICELESS!

There are many lovers of our meats, others are looking for the most original tapas and there will always be a mini-Burger that suits your tastes. But absolutely everyone is attracted by the atmosphere and the friendliness that every corner of Zabor Fetén exudes.

Thank you all for a Fetén summer and we hope you continue to enjoy the rest of the seasons. You are the best.

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